Nappy Bags - what is essential, what is handy and what makes a good gift

Author: with the assistance of Pampers Mum's Date Posted:8 April 2014

What do you buy a new Mum for her nappy bag? Is all about practicality? Of course it's not - style and just a touch of adventure....

There is a new baby in the family!

This got me to thinking about gifts for the new parents. Having asked around the circle of friends with kids, the overwhelming response was to get some things to go in the nappy bag - but NOT the actual nappy bag itself. Stupidly (out of ignorance only) I asked why it wasn't appropriate to get the actual nappy bag.... can you see where this is going?

Turns out that, based on the same assumption a woman is the best person to choose her own handbag, a Mum is the best person to choose her nappy bag. It is a combination of size, function and of course fashion. I won't make that same mistake again, promise!

So, to the contents....

My first point of call was to KayBe*, a recent second time Mum to a very cute (not at all biased opinion) little boy AitchBe. KayBe suggested the best possible inclusions for her nappy bag would be a bottle of gin, a credit card and some 'mothers helper elves', whatever they may be. Now I know she was only kidding about the gin, I mean what could a self respecting, breastfeeding, well rested new Mum moseying around after a 4 year old daughter and a 38 year old boofhead husband possibly want with a bottle of Tanqueray? The credit card will of course be handy as she wanders the shops on the hunt for Easter eggs and Santa gifts, which of course the 'helper elves' will be able to help her carry to the car.

JayAitch, Mum to Master JayAitch 8 and Miss EmAitch 6 was quick to dissociate herself from nappy bags, instead throwing it right back at me to ascertain my knowledge of Minecraft (ummm, say what? I actually thought she said mind craft, Google made short work of correcting me).

I asked around a bit further, including recent graduates to the post 1 year old phase.

EffDe and EiBe both came up with some great suggestions... practical and more moderate than where my initial research had started to lead me. They both suggested I look at, well the obvious really:
  • Nappies (doh! really?)
  • Wipes & tissues
  • Nappy disposal bags - apparantly they help to reduce smell in confined spaces such as the car..
  • Antibacterial wipes & hand sanitizer
  • One of those supermarket pouches of some sort of baby food (for an emercency when stuck in a lift or the outback?)
  • A spare set of baby clothes or a onesie to tide you over in the event of a poo/vomit emergency (does this really happen? ewww)
  • Nappy rash cream
  • A dry biscuit - not sure if this is for the baby or the Mum who has forgotten to eat in the madness??
  • Some water - presumably this has multiple uses
  • Breast pads (if feeding and for other applications where a bit of mopping up may be required??)
All of these are very practical and worthy suggestions, however are a bit ho hum given my original mission was to find a present. So I consulted a bit further and approached SeeAr, Mum to 2 boys and a girl (at one point all under 5!). Apparently with son the first, there was everything other than the kitchen sink (but there was a handy collapsible bowl!) to be found in her nappy bag. By the time said nappy bag passed through daughter to then be used with son the second, it had been wittled down to the same list as above. No help there, however when I pressed on, encouraging SeeAr to think hard because this was important, the real gems came to light...
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • Sunnies
That was it... I had it! How could I not have figured this out on my own? How silly when it is so obvious! It had been staring me in the face all along.... there is no doubt it is what Mum to the new addition of the family needs more than anything everyone else has given, or that she can buy for herself (using her Pampers Friends and Family Loyalty discount)!

New sunnies....... and yes, they do go in the nappy bag.

*names 'modified' to protect the innocent!